Privacy Policy and Data Protection

This privacy policy sets out how Barzoire collects and uses your personal data while using the site. The term “personal data” applies to all personal information (especially username, password, first name, last name, date of birth, e-mail address and postal address) that Internet users can disclose when subscribing to the Barzoire Newsletter section of the site’s “NEWSLETTER” and / or any message sent via the “CONTACT” section of the site. Such data, regardless of their type, will allow, directly or indirectly, Barzoire to identify and improve knowledge of Internet users and to send them the newsletter and / or respond to their messages. We will collect various types of personal data about you for the purposes described in this policy, including:

Contact information (such as your name, birthday, nationality, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and any other personal data) that you provide by filling out forms on the site, including if you subscribe to our newsletter and register and create a site account.

Details of any transaction you make.

Personal data that may be contained in the communications you submit, for example, to report a problem or to send queries, concerns or comments about the site or its content.

Information from surveys we can run from time to time on the site for research purposes if you choose to respond or participate.

Credit card / debit card information.

Information on how to use and navigate our site, such as your IP address and other device identifiers, your operating system and browser type, as well as information about the pages of your site that you access, collected through cookies or other tracking technologies.

Personal information collected from third parties, such as data that you agree to share with socially accessible social networks (eg, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and / or that we can collect from other publicly accessible databases .

You have no obligation to provide such information. The provision of your personal data is required to process your order for the purchase of products on the site, other services provided on your site at your request, or when your personal data is necessary to fulfill the obligations imposed by law, or regulations. Refusal to provide us with the personal data necessary to achieve the above purposes may prevent us from taking over the purchase of products sold on the site or from fulfilling the obligations imposed by law and other regulations. Therefore, non-fulfillment of your personal data may in some cases constitute a legitimate and justified reason not to process your order for the purchase of products sold on the site or not providing the services of the site.

Barzoire will make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of identifiable personal information.

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