Barzoire is a luxury fashion house, founded in 2017 by romanian designer Laurence Barzoire.

Barzoire is a new brand that is exclusively defined by the chromaticity and the proportions of the female silhouettes, but also by the very profound human depersonalization.

The avant-garde designer concentrates Barzoire’s brand in a direction that defines our human identity, focuses all the creativity on the important topics that take place all over the world, starting from wars, racism, love, protection, planet, ecosystem, sexual identity, human expression, uniqueness to the universe.

With every collection he creates, he brings to the viewer important topics of interest to the world, topics with a strong emotional impact. At the same time, the subjects used in collections by the young designer are coordinated to the idea of ​​human communion, militate to change evil for the better and to support the entire planet.

We have to save this planet, together and not separately!

We are the change and we must do that now!

Save the planet, do not destroy it!

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